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2015 Boy & Girl of the Year: Ian & Kinley

Boy of the Year

Ian Straight
Ian Straight
Ian began his journey in March of 2013 when he was ten years old.  It began as a backache that would disappear during the day and then become quite painful at night, specifically during bedtime. After a visit to the family doctor and the discovery of immature cells in his blood, he was sent to Nationwide Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Ian was immediately admitted to the hospital. He had surgery the next day to place a Broviac central line and a Lumbar Puncture to test for leukemia cells. This made him able to receive chemotherapy directly into his spinal fluid.  He underwent four rounds of intensive chemotherapy, each round requiring 4-6 weeks in the hospital.  Ian endured several setbacks including infections, fevers and being admitted to the ICU.  In September 2013, after his fourth round of chemo, Ian rang the bell signaling the end of chemo!
September 2014 marked his one year anniversary of being cancer free!  From the start of his diagnosis, Ian has been a model of strength and optimism. He enjoys watching Duck Dynasty, playing legos, video games and sports, and wants to join the Army when he gets older. Ian continues to encourage others facing similar difficulties to never give up.

Girl of the Year

Kinley Strohl
Kinley Strohl
Kinley began her journey on September 6, 2011 when she was six years old.  After coming home from school with three lumps on her face that were sore and continued to cause pain, she was taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Hypodiploid.
Kinley immediately began chemotherapy. Unfortunately she did not reach remission after the first phase of treatment. Doctors determined that she would need stronger chemotherapy as well as a bone marrow transplant.  Kinley was admitted to the hospital on January 5, 2012 for total body radiation and aggressive chemotherapy. On January 19, 2012, she received her bone marrow transplant. After fighting infections and other medical set-backs, Kinley was released from the hospital three months later.
Kinley has now been in remission for two and a half years!  Despite what she has been through, she continues to have a positive attitude and a big heart. She enjoys cheerleading, anything pink and sparkly as well as making crafts. Kinley hopes to be a Flight Nurse so that she can encourage other kids to keep fighting and stay strong.

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