Testimonials & Success Stories

"Participating in the Man & Woman of the Year competition was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life. The ability to make a lasting impact in the fight against cancer with this competition is real."

Brad Barnett

"Working with LLS, meeting 'Boy and Girl of the Year' Reed and Madison, and knowing that my efforts will bring us closer to finding a cure for them and all those suffering from blood cancers is truly inspiring".

Jeana Foster

"Words fail to express how I felt when our campaign, The RALLY Campaign, was announced as the NYC Chapter Woman of the Year winner. To share that moment with my relentless team of friends and family and to honor my grandmother's memory is a moment I will cherish always. Participating in LLS's Man & Woman of the Year has been the single most powerful and rewarding experience I have ever had the privilege of being a part of."

Sarah Ray

"Through Man & Woman of the Year, I learned so much about my own potential. I loved getting people involved, connected and informed. I am also ecstatic that my efforts will help so many others. Running for Woman of the Year was the most extraordinary and thrilling experience of my life. Nothing else will ever come close."

Lorraine Shea

"I knew that participating in Man & Woman of the Year would be a mix of fun and hard work, while giving back to an organization that has helped so many people, including my family. The overwhelming support from friends, family, co-workers and even strangers was incredible. This was truly one of the most personally and emotionally fulfilling things I have done."

Scott Thomas

"Participating in the Man & Woman of the Year competition was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life. The ability to make a lasting impact in the fight against cancer with this competition is real."

Brad Barnett

"Man & Woman of the Year is the best thing I ever did next to marrying my wife."

Al Morteo | 2008 Massachusetts Man of the Year

Vice President, FedCorp | Dedham, MA

"Participating in this campaign and winning the Woman of the Year title has been an amazing experience. With the help of communities like ours, cures are possible."

Lisa Gaeta | 2008 Southern Florida Woman of the Year

President, Finance Placements & Consulting, Inc. | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"With my hectic schedule, people thought I was crazy to take on the added responsibility of the Man & Woman of the Year campaign. Although the time commitments were enormous, I can say unequivocally that this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will always cherish the memories of this campaign and the amazing candidates that made this experience so incredible."

Bob Holmes | 2009 Man of the Year Candidate

Vice President (Lobbyist/Consultant), Landry, Creedon and Associates Inc. | Vienna, VA

"Truly the most humbling and inspirational experience of my life."

Jarret D. Blum, | 2008 Man of the Year Candidate

Second Vice President, Smith Barne | McLean, VA

"The chance to participate in The Man & Woman of the Year campaign and raise funds for blood cancer research was a true gift for me on many levels. It was a way for me to honor Zethina Loudon, one of my Pilates students who in 2008, at age of 43, lost her battle to cancer. Initially overwhelmed by the magnitude of this commitment and unsure of my ability to take on the responsibilities that come with this leadership role, I soon realized that this campaign was not about one man or one woman. My campaign was about community bringing together our resources, our talents, our strength, and our prayers to give hope and to inspire in patients and their families the courage that it takes to face the odds and move beyond the challenges before them."

Aida Zorrilla | 2009 South Texas Woman of the Year

Director, Studio A: Pilates | San Antonio, TX

"We were suburban moms looking for a way to impact the community. By joining forces, we were able to raise more than $139,000 to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families through yard sales, letter writing, selling candy bars and networking to moms around the country. In 10 short weeks we were able to raise enough money to touch thousands of lives forever. What an extraordinary experience!"

Ari Jones | 2009 National Woman of the Year

Campaign Team: Moms for a Cure | Fairfax, VA

"This campaign had a personal significance for me, and for many of the contributors because most of us have friends or loved ones who have battled blood cancers. At first, I was reluctant to take a leadership role in this campaign. But like everyone who got involved, I was pleased to have accepted the challenge. The opportunity to support the LLS mission so directly, and with such a positive impact, has been personally very rewarding."

Tom Wensinger | 2009 South Texas Man of the Year

Vice President and General Manager, Neiman Marcus | San Antonio, TX

"This experience was one I will remember for a life-time! The feeling of being a part of a Life-Changing Team! Awesome!"

Kelly Tant | 2009 Man of the Year Candidate

Account Executive, Westland Printers | Arnold, MD


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