Boy & Girl of the Year

National Capital Area Chapter's Boy & Girl of the Year

The Boy & Girl of the Year are local children battling blood cancers who serve as motivation and inspiration to Man & Woman of the Year candidates in their competition to raise funds and earn the titles.

Girl of the Year - Susanna

Susanna 3

Susanna was diagnosed with pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia in July of 2012 at age 6. Susanna stayed in the hospital for a month and had her post-induction bone marrow biopsy on the day she was supposed to start second grade. She made it, however, to the second day of second grade! That's the kind of girl Susanna is: determined, courageous, magical. Steroids caused this energetic, happy child to move slowly, stooped over; she was bloated, and her expression was flat. She looked like a different child.

Today, Susanna is a happy, healthy, magical 11-year-old who loves animals, rides horses, and is in sixth grade!

 Boy of the Year - Devan

DevanLLS_Sailing trophy CropLR

When Devan was 20 months old he was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. APML is an uncommon form of leukemia that rarely afflicts children. At Boston Children's Hospital, Devan presented serious and unexpected side-effects, including one that required brain surgery. After 4 months in the hospital, Devan was transferred to Washington DC, where he began a year of daily chemotherapy, and his family believed he was cured. 2 years later Devan had relapsed. His family returned to Boston for a high-dose chemotherapy to prepare him for a stem cell transplant using his own marrow.

Throughout this difficult period, Devan was an extraordinary beacon of sweet cheer and courage, making nurses laugh as he sped around the hospital ward in a ride-on trike. Today, Devan is 11 years old - six years post-transplant, with another clean biopsy notched last month, and thriving.


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