The Campaign

The Campaign

The campaign lasts ten weeks between February and June. Participants use their talents, contacts and creativity to raise funds to help advance the LLS mission. Chapter staff members assist candidates in goal planning, and serve as fundraising consultants. Candidates will also get a personal fundraising web page to support their campaign team, making it easier to reach out to friends and contacts everywhere and to help form Candidate Campaign Support Teams as part of their fundraising network.

Find your local Man & Woman of the Year candidates here; then visit their pages and follow the instructions to join their team.

During the campaign, the candidates get to know local survivors who will inspire and motivate them in their fundraising for the Boy & Girl of the Year.

The campaign includes events and parties, which will allow candidates the opportunity to get to know their fellow candidates and other local business figures, and experience the energy and spirit that give this campaign its special flair.

Events include:

Kickoff Celebration:

This celebration officially marks the beginning of the fundraising period. The Kickoff Celebration is also a great opportunity for candidates to socialize, network and enjoy refreshments and festivities. Attendees will meet the candidates and patient honorees, the Boy & Girl of the Year. Past participants will share stories of how they ran their own campaigns and provide advice for success.

The Mid Point Event:

At the halfway mark, candidates and others in the community come together to acknowledge and celebrate progress so far. This event emphasizes the importance of LLS's mission and helps candidates re-energize and focus on goals during the weeks ahead, moving toward the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale:

This gala is a celebration of all the candidates' collective efforts as, surrounded by campaign team members and friends, they enjoy fabulous food, cocktails, music and an outstanding auction. The Grand Finale culminates with the announcement of the Man & Woman of the Year winners.

Advertising Support:

Two full-page ads in USA Today are provided to support and thank the candidates, one to list candidates who have confirmed their candidacy by February 12th, a second to congratulate national and local winners.


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