Meet the 2020 Boy & Girl of the Year

Meet the 2020 Boy & Girl of the Year

Every year, Man & Woman of the Year candidates raise money in honor of two young local patient heroes. These heores are chosen for their strength and winning attitudes. We are excited to announce our Boy & Girl of the Year (BGOY), Dylan and Eilidh! The BGOY become spokespersons for the thousands of patients helped by LLS's patient services and research grants. These inspiring families have pledged to help the candidates and campaign in a variety of ways, most importantly speaking at and attending events and motivating candidates.

 Dylan, 5 


Since the moment Dylan entered this world, as he does with every room he steps into, he does so with such charisma.  He is loud, wild, sweet,  and endearing.  He captures the attention and hearts of everyone around him. Just before Thanksgiving 2016, and a few weeks before he turned two, the sweet, happy Dylan The Destroyer, started to get sick.  He had a constant cough, back to back ear infections and cold symptoms that wouldn’t ever fully clear up. His parents took him to his pediatrician several times over the course of 8 weeks for various illnesses.  His mom had noticed that the lymph nodes on his neck and behind his ears were extremely swollen, and forming in clusters. On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, his family’s lives were changed forever, Dylan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Pre-B. His team of doctors quickly came up with an aggressive treatment plan, surgically implanted a medical port, and started chemotherapy the very next day. He has undergone countless spinal taps, multiple blood and blood product transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, and more.  Today, Dylan is doing very well and is in last phase of treatment, Long Term Maintenance, and is set to end treatment in May 2020.



Eilidh, 6 


Eilidh’s name is Scottish Gaelic and means “light”. Even since she was a tiny baby, she has been able to easily connect with people and light up the room around her. She cares deeply for her friends, loves her family, and tenderly “mothers” her baby dolls. At 2 years old, Eilidh was diagnosed with Chronic Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) but never required treatment for the disorder. At her four year old well-child visit, her parents asked the doctor to check her platelet level because she had some larger bruises on her legs.  Not only were her platelets very low, but all of her blood counts were suppressed. When they contacted her Hemotologist to see if she needed further testing, he immediately mentioned a bone marrow biopsy. Her family was were shocked and scared. Five days later Eilidh was diagnosed with leukemia. She is at the end of 28 months of chemotherapy treatment. Eilidh has endured this battle with bravery and kindness, fighting everyday for a long future of health ahead of her.